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What is a Creative & Strategic Space?

People want to feel safe to take risks in creative processes. Is it possible to innovate within the comfort zone?

Within my experience as a strategist, teacher and facilitator of innovation processes, I realize that the flow of people's work and creativity reaches a high level when an atmosphere, a “space” of emotional comfort is created. But then you can say to me: “but to innovate and create, isn't it necessary, precisely, to leave the comfort zone?”. Yes and no. I explain.

The idea of ​​comfort, in general, does not seem to match the imagination of innovation - especially that linked to the universe of start ups. For them, the more discomfort, tension and agility, the better. This “creative tension” can even accelerate the development of products and services, but in practice it can create a highly stressful workflow for the team involved. Do the ends justify the means? The provocation remains.

Comfort = Com Fortis


Searching the etymology of the word comfort, I found something else, a great find, to demystify this term and give it a new meaning within the context of creativity and collaboration. Check it out: Comfort comes from the Latin CONFORTUS, past participle of CONFORTARE, which means “strengthen, give strength”, from COM-, “together”, plus FORTIS, “strong, intense, robust”. Later, from what I researched, the word acquired the meaning of “alleviate, placate, soften”.

Hmm, interesting, isn't it? Now use this meaning as a lens to visualize the power of creating an atmosphere of emotional comfort in work sessions, sprints or any creative process, whether collaborative or individual.

It is clear that the greater the level of trust built between the team and the level of self-confidence that each one has in themselves, in their skills, knowledge and freedom to express themselves, without judgments and fear of making mistakes, the greater the potential to achieve incredible results. Flow kicks in and the process becomes not only more efficient, but also more pleasurable.

Enjoy the journey


With that in mind, the desire to create a space for learning, collaboration and working that creates this atmosphere of emotional comfort arose in me. A creative and strategic environment, where people could express themselves, develop skills and exchange experiences, in a different way. To rescue this pleasure in creating, even in the midst of challenging contexts. Something where people could enjoy this journey from start to end and not just when the end result is created. A learning space where people felt safe to take risks, explore new ideas.

I think the perspective that the ends justify the means, that anything goes to achieve extraordinary results, is no longer so accepted; people don't want to put themselves in struggling situations. There has to be something else that generates meaningful motivation.

It's almost a paradox: people want to feel safe and confident to take risks.

Life is too short, time flies by and we have to take a look at what is essential and meaningful for us and the themes in which we are involved. I understand that creating a space that strengthens skills and self-confidence so that people can flow at their best, exploring new possibilities and new facets of themselves is something meangninful and essential for me, so I put my efforts into it.

This is the core of Sincera Space, the creative and strategic space for you to flow. Enjoy the ride.

Stop and think:


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