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Every brand

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authentic story

About Stories

Stories was conceived with the mission to help brands, strategists and creatives create brand concepts and strategies with high potential for emotional connection .


The tool provokes participants to explore human issues and themes in the concepting of their brand strategy, stimulating abstraction and imagination to build  authentic, personal and meaningful narratives .


Stories provides a tried and tested strategic process that mixes projective and associative techniques from photographic images and human themes, uses storytelling and metaphors in an applied way to conceive ideas, uses card interpretation techniques and a gamified and creative approach that encourages reflection, analysis and subjectivity to unleash the imaginative and creative potential of teams.

Stories comes in two formats: print and digital*, both Portuguese and English.

Use Stories to expand your horizons, facilitate conversations, and add more imagination and enjoyment to your work!

*In digital format, cards are offered in jpg format to be used on digital canvas (eg Mural, Miro, Invision)

Stories was designed for:

  • Brand Strategy and Positioning creation.

  • Brand Experience Journey creation.

  • Research and immersion processes

  • Coaching and self-knwoledge journeys



What is included?

  • 150 cards for reflection and construction, including:

. 100 cards with inspiring photos of human connections

. 50 human-themed cards

  • Insights and Action Plan Sheets (in pdf)

  • Facilitator's Guide (in pdf)

  • Downloadable frameworks/templates

  • Tutorial videos on the Sincera Space channel

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About Stories

Who is Stories for?

Individuals, professionals, companies and startups who are interested in or work with Branding. Strategists, creatives, entrepreneurs, students, professionals and consultants in Branding, Marketing, Social Media, CX, Communication and Innovation can benefit from Stories to facilitate ideation and action, in addition to generating insights and learning from their teams and clients.

Who is it for?

How does it work?

What is included?


100 cards with inspiring photos of human connections

Powerful brands must be created inspired by people, so we curate photos that portray human codes present in our lives, so that they can be used as triggers, inspiration and raw material to build authentic and powerful narratives for brands.

How does it work?
What is included?


50 human-themed cards

Brands must express human themes to meaningfully connect with people. This cards containing "human truths" will help you define the foundation of your brand, making your narrative more authentic, truthful and emotionally powerful.


Insights and Action Plan Sheets (in pdf)

Once your brand strategy is created, define the next moves to put it into action. The Insights and Action Plan Sheets will help you to define your brand next moves, based on the insights captured throughout the strategy creation process.



Facilitator's Guide  (in pdf)

This guide will help you navigate through a structured strategy creation process. In it, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to use Stories, as well as the guiding principles and techniques contained in it for you to conduct the different exploration paths that the tool allows. We will help you discover how to act as a facilitator of this process with your team and your customers, giving you tips and guidance so that you can develop yourself in this role. This Guide will also bring together the different applications of Stories combined with other decks or frameworks, helping you to get the best out of the tool.

Why choose Stories?

Stories offers both a more inspiring stimulus format so that participants can create deep and meaningful concepts, as well as to strengthen strategists and creatives in the role of facilitators with their clients and teams, to build narratives with high emotional resonance and connection potential.

Why Stories?

Image cards to provoke easy story generation

A gamified tool with associative ideation cards, which facilitates the creation of strategic concepts. Powerful for reflection and concepting, it helps the elaboration and expression of abstract ideas and to convey messages with clarity.

Explore in a deeper level collective and individual imaginary

From a light, consistent and fluid process, this journey will help you explore ways to find your brand vision, helping people open up and share on a deeper level.

Use it solo or in group

​Individually, in pairs or in groups, it is easily adaptable to different audience profiles, brand types and market segments. It's light, consistent and fluid, reinforcing an atmosphere of creative confidence.

1 tool for multipurpose

Associative and projective cards can be used in contexts of research, immersion, journey experience design, among others, combined or not with frameworks or with card reading and interpretation techniques (formations).



The strategic tool to create meaningful and inspiring stories for brands

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