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An immersion journey into what is meaningful to your brand.

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Reflections is the immersive strategic tool to spark new perspectives for brands.


About Reflections

Reflections was designed to provoke creators and brand managers to look at their brands from new perspectives.  

Using the power of questions, Reflections is an invitation, a guided journey for you, your team and your clients to delve deeply into fundamental brand questions, to seek clarity on complex issues and thus unleash powerful insights.

Through questions, organized into tracks, each one focused on a different theme - Reflections provides an immersive strategic process tested and proven in real Branding and Innovation projects.

Reflections can be used in workshops, group dynamics or in individual interviews, in online or face-to-face format.


Reflections Applications:

  • Immersion processes and brand diagnosis

  • Opportunity territories identification 

  • Gap and critical points analysis

  • Vision and team alignment



What is included?

  • 6 reflection pathways, with 10  questions each (60 questions in total), in the formats:

    . 1 prompt/presentation flow of the

     tracks (format presentation of the

     Power point)

​     .  60 digital cards for reflection and

     construction (in jpg)

  • Insights and Action Plan Sheets (in pdf)

Reflections comes in the digital* format, in Portuguese and English versions.

Use the tool to provoke new perspectives on the brand, facilitating the immersion and diagnosis process!

*Cards are provided in jpg format to be used on digital canvas (eg Mural, Miro, Invision); The prompt/presentation flow is provided in Power Point presentation format.

Sobre Reflections

Who is Reflections for?

Individuals, professionals, companies and startups who are interested in or work with Branding. Strategists, creatives, entrepreneurs, students, professionals and consultants in Branding, Marketing, Social Media, CX, Communication and Innovation can benefit from Reflections to facilitate immersion, diagnosis and reflection processes on brands with their teams and clients.

Who is it for?
How to use it

How to use it

What is included?


6 tracks for reflection

Choose the track you want to focus on,  browse, reflect and answer the questions that are presented:

. Creating the Brand Foundation

. Strengthening culture

. Pursuing purpose

. Nurturing meaningful connections

. Standing out in the crowd

. Adapting to changes

What is included?


60 questions to provoke new perspectives

Within each track, use each question as an element of stimulation and conversation, but above all, as a means of reflection.


Insights and Action Plan Sheets (in pdf)

Once each track is created, reflect on the insights and define the next moves to put them into action. The Insights and Action Plan Sheets will help you to define the times and movements, based on the insights captured throughout the process.


Why choose Reflections?

Why Reflections?

Reflections is a guided immersion journey on essential brand themes. Built based on experience in real projects of different types, brands and markets. Reflections provokes creators and brand managers to go beyond the surface in immersing and analyzing brands.



The immersive strategic tool to spark new perspectives for brands

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