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Introducing: Brand Mantras Card Deck

Our first fully proprietary strategic-creative tool release is Brand Mantras: the meditation and inspiration tool for you to connect with your brand.

We believe that reflection is the most powerful, efficient and effective tool for optimizing individual clarity and group learning.

It is a structured way of processing experiences and elaborating future desires and intentions.

Meditating and reflecting is organizing today and designing the future.

It is important to feed and nurture the brand's intentions and actions in the day-to-day management processes, but this does not always happen because we are carried away and crossed by the fires and pressures of the work routine.

Maintaining cycles of review and reflection on the core aspects of the brand is a positive management habit, which helps the team and the company to keep the evolution of the way the brand connects with people relevant and alive.

How to use Brand Mantras?

Brand Mantras is a tool created with the intention of supporting you and your team in work dynamics, acting as an element of conversation for inspiration and reflection on the meaning and meaning of brands today and in the future.

There are 20 cards with themes and insights to be used individually or in groups, from a half-hour meeting to a whole work week. Take 5 to 15 minutes to take a break and let your mind take the insights and put them into action, from each card that is drawn at random.

Use the cards to trigger and stimulate group reflection and the collection of perceptions and insights shared by each group member.

In the same way, Brand Mantras can also be used to stimulate reflection in meetings and collaborative processes with your customers, provoking them to reflect and deepen their understanding and point of view on each selected theme and your brand.

We believe that using different tools and stimuli can bring comfort and strengthen creative-strategic processes, releasing individual potential and making processes gain fluidity from a human perspective.



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