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Can you be a creative strategist?

Pragmatism and creativity are not necessarily antagonistic skills. It is possible to develop one that is not natural and reap the benefits of using one in combination with the other.

The analytical process can - and should! - be highly creative. The work of a strategist, especially for the development of brand strategy or disruptive products and services, calls for the ability to go beyond rationality to imagine scenarios, think visually, dream and combine things that apparently do not make sense, to generate new and exciting content and unique strategic routes.

The power of nonsense


At that time, even the wonderful power of nonsense comes into play Yes, nonsense. Have you noticed that amazing things can come out of crazy scenarios or when we are relaxed, makening jokes? - Look at the memes there.

I think this happens when we let our guard down and enter a “more relaxed” and no filter mode, removing the fear of making mistakes from the center, because the most that can happen is to have a good laugh - which strengthens the creative process as a whole - so that we can move towards to new possibilities, creating on top of the other's idea.

It is important to allow ourselves to enter this mode, especially strategists or those with a more pragmatic and analytical profile. I realize that as we activate this side, we connect with our capacity for abstraction and subjectivity - fertile ground for good insights.

Creative intelligence


Analytical and pragmatic skills benefit greatly from subjectivity and abstraction. It's almost like bringing it to life and looking between the lines of numbers and dashboards. It's giving soul, emotion and bringing the perspective of what happens in the day to day and reality of people we are creating for. It's pure creative intelligence.

For some, they are non-reconcilable universes, but it is possible to improve and develop the side that is not the most natural in us. In a team composition this is easier to balance, in which we can mix different mindsets and skills.

Self-knowledge is power


When we get to know ourselves and know what our strongest skills are, we are able to use them to our advantage and, at the same time, seek resources and tools to develop the ones that we are not so strong. Knowing yourself and knowing the skills and competences of your work team is power!

To help you in this process of self-knowledge, we offer here a test to start delving into the understanding of what your strongest characteristics are. Let´s do it?



Who are you on your team? What is your creative pattern? Find out what is the dominant pattern that drives the way you work and relate to the creative process.

Make your quiz and don't forget to share your profile here ;) . enjoy

Descubra qual é o padrão dominante que rege a maneira como você trabalha e se relaciona no processo criativo.
Qual o seu perfil criativo?


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